Become a Successful Accountant

Posted on 16th May 2014 in Information

accountantsAre you good at accounting, evaluating, and analyzing data and looking for the right profession? If you are, consider becoming an accountant. This job is definitely difficult and risky because when you miswrite data or input irrelevant data, it will make your company lose money. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you can do your jobs well. You can be a successful accountant as long as you follow these tips:

Stay focus. When inputting data, focus on your job as well as you can. It is important to do, so the risks of miswriting data can be minimized optimally. Besides, keep your accuracy. Avoid doing unimportant things when working, like eating foods, chatting with colleagues, sending messages, and accepting incoming calls because you will lose your concentration.

Apply healthy lifestyle. This sounds irrelevant and unrelated, but you need to know that your lifestyle also influences your performance. For example: if you don’t have lunch excessively, you will feel sleepy during office hours, so you cannot work optimally or if you never spare your free time to do sports, you will get sick easily. Because of this, apply healthy lifestyle, so you can do all your responsibilities well.

Attend accounting seminars. By doing this you can increase your knowledge and skill, get new experience, and find new relation. Besides, you can discuss and interact with speakers directly.

Last but not least, always do your best and use accounting software to help your jobs, so you can get optimal result. Enjoy becoming an accountant and get your success soon.

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What Does ForexIMF Present?

Posted on 29th April 2014 in Forex

foreximfForexIMF can be an Indonesian-based broker forex terpercaya called PT. International Mitra Futures that focuses primarily on providing investment products for the consumers. Regardless of Forex, additionally, it delivers items, indices, and futures. The corporation highlights on the motivation that Everybody Can Deal. In addition, what does ForexIMF present?

Study deeper about any of it and you may choose to understand more, when you’re involved in forex currency trading. By beginning to turn into a trader generating much income online is certainly your target. Well, if you’re currently buying a spot to study forex, you may click-here to see the state site of ForexIMF.

  • Training. ForexIMF is an excellent one-stop resource when you’re planning to start currency trading or presently working your job as a trader. ForexIMF supplies not merely investment goods, but in addition knowledge for investment itself. Grasp the trading just before starting and beginners can reap the benefits of this for more information. The business serves trading & investment training for newbies to experts. Within The novice area, you’ll discover the release of Forex together with trend-line, and the fundamental research ideas, information, station. For That basic-level, it is possible to realize methods of utilizing support & resistance and moving average. Next, you’ll learn about candlestick design.
  • Goods. Therapist IM Commodities or ForexIMF gives some investment products for anyone consumers who want to obtain benefit from their income, as previously mentioned lately. Allow me to share some goods from ForexIMF: commodities, stocks CFD, forex, index futures, etc.
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Advantages of Selecting Skilled School Offshore

Posted on 11th April 2014 in Education

benefitWill college be chosen by you abroad, if you’re requested to choose college within your region or abroad? In the event that you reply yes, it’s a great choice. Why? You’ll need to understand that today, there are lots of skilled and top quality schools abroad that allow you to obtain a large amount of advantages, like described below:

Scholar quickly. Many colleges abroad present bachelor’s diploma with 24 months length. It’s absolutely not the same as domestic colleges that need one to save money than three years. You might have much chance to get work while your pals still research inside their university, if you graduate within 24 months. Obviously, there’s much chance for you really to make money earlier.

Allow you to perform everywhere. Many students work within their nation, after obtaining bachelor diploma. What about you? You may do it quickly because your level is accepted everywhere, if you wish to work abroad. In comparison, if you wish to work overseas and consider domestic university, you may just get reduced placement at workplace.

Have ability and greater understanding. Being backed by latest features and coached by competent, educated, and knowledgeable teachers, without a doubt, you’ll have greater understanding and ability. Keep in mind that you’ll never be considered a competent scholar if you frequently miss school or dismiss university projects.

Well, if you’re currently thinking about getting school abroad, ensure that you visit first, so you may choose the best school in USA, London, Sydney, or Singapore. Besides, you will get info from each college at length.

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Funding Choices to Learn in the UK

Posted on 5th April 2014 in Education

funding options2They’re certainly innumerous, if we discuss its professionals or benefits. Overseas students can get competent training from recognized school in UK. Mainly companies find British diploma for many work jobs. In other words, learning in England or other areas of UK, like Wales, can help you develop better profession for the future.

About The other-hand, let’s move on to its negatives or drawbacks. The most typical reason pupils cannot consider advanced schooling in UK may be the excessively large tuition charge. Furthermore, British living expense can also be large and could keep growing as time passes. Hence, listed here are three funding options to review there:

  • Student-loan. Another option is by going for a student-loan. If pupils aren’t permitted make an application for grant this Is Actually The correct choice. Individuals may make an application for mortgage at bank or lender. Actually, a college/college student-loan is offered by itself.
  • Scholarship. Pupils or their parents who can’t manage British tuition charge must certanly be actively searching for London grant. Sadly, it’s difficult to obtain due to some complicated needs. The grant isn’t just for those people who are disadvantaged. Actually, complete the check and grant candidates also must have excellent quality.
  • Pupil grant. Last, individuals may also try to look for a student offer in the united kingdom released by government or company. This financial assistance is usually known as preservation offer too. Pupils have entitlement to obtain the offer often centered on family income.


Finally, let’s keep our target as we’ve defined before. Study as high as possible!!! ;)

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Reasons to Go to Ubud

Posted on 27th March 2014 in Bali

Ubud Bali 2If you consider selecting Ubud Bali as spots while you wish to release for an instant because of weakness and bustle of busy-work within your town, it’d not hurt.

Ubud can be an area encouraging and situated in Gianyar Bali since 84 years back, specifically in 1930 is becoming one of many beautiful tourist areas in Bali. The main reason?

Being truly a center of culture and arts. If in Jakarta that individuals recognize being a centre of tradition and art is Kampung Marunda and Setu Babakan. The reason being people in Ubud average surrounded pursuit being an artist be it artwork, music, dancing, and projects.

Features a natural elegance that’s natural. You have to learn, Ubud is one of many ideal location for individuals who find peace and solace.

Supplying favored tubing. Ubud undoubtedly the best position for you to go to, if you’re fed up with holidays to the beach or sea. Thus, Ubud supplies a spot to check your adrenaline going. What? Ayung river. Ayung River in Ubud provides not really tough rapids, but additionally provides the white-water rafter elegance of slopes, rice terraces, and AROW of bushes on the way.

Before your stop by at Ubud, Bali guaranteed to book among the resorts in, alright. Provides an attractive value is you going to arrive here.





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Want to Buy a Bouquet for Wedding Anniversary?

Posted on 25th February 2014 in Relationship

Bouquet for Wedding AnniversaryCelebrating wedding anniversary is one of the ways to maintain a marriage. By the way, do you always do something special with the loved one on your wedding anniversary? Perhaps, you can take her to a romantic candle light dinner. If this sounds too ordinary for you, you may surprise her with a bouquet in the morning.

Remember, buying a bouquet is quite confusing. If you have no idea where to buy flowers, visit Flower Advisor and have a look at the flower collection. Flower Advisor is a one-stop flower shop to find what you’re looking for. It offers flowers for Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Newborn, and other special occasions. Below are some popular and recommended products for you:

  1. Versailles Charm. Looking for a charming bouquet? Versailles Charm is the answer. This bouquet consists of 9 stems of purple and white roses. It is sold at IDR 334,000 on Flower Advisor.
  2. Red & White Surprise. This is a beautiful bouquet with 6 red and 6 white roses. Surprise your loved one with this stunning bouquet of roses to make her feel loved. You can get it for IDR 375,000.
  3. Marie-Antoinette. Another popular product on Flower Advisor is Marie-Antoinette. It is a bit more expensive than the two options above, IDR 417,000. Of course that’s because Marie-Antoinette is designed beautifully with pink roses and hydrangea inside a vase.

Other recommended products you may select are Candle in The Wind, Aurum Blooms, Heartfelt Hope, Sacred Vows, Spicy Salsa, and Absolute Devotion. You can read more to know them in detail.

What to Include in Meeting Agenda?

Posted on 22nd February 2014 in Meeting

Meeting AgendaPlanning a business meeting is a challenge especially for newbies. It must be proper and perfect to bring success to the meeting. First of all, people are required to create a meeting agenda. What to include in meeting agenda anyway? Pay attention to the list below:

  1. Topic/purpose. It’s important to determine and define a topic or purpose of the meeting. What will be discussed in the meeting? What do you want to get from this meeting? Perhaps, it’s going to talk about infrastructure programs, contracts, or so forth.
  2. Date & time. Next, you ought to choose the right date and time to hold your meeting. Determining meeting’s schedule is crucial in order to inform all participants as soon as possible. In case you need to make a change, you should confirm it again later.
  3. Participants. Make a list of the meeting participants. Who are they? Perhaps, you are going to hold a meeting with other business divisions. Meanwhile, if they are your new clients, you need to ensure their contact information to inform your invitation.
  4. Venue and meeting equipment. Meeting venue is also a crucial thing to include in agenda. In this instance, you can try to look for meeting room di Lampung. Write down and prepare meeting equipment, too.
  5. Activities. Don’t forget to include meeting activities in your agenda. This is essential to make your meeting more organized from the beginning to the end. Give the timeframe for each activity and stick to it during your meeting.
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Apa Enaknya Tinggal di Kota Wisata

Posted on 3rd October 2013 in Kota Wisata

senggigiTinggal di kota wisata seperti Lombok? Apa untungnya, ya?

Pertama, jika kamu tinggal bahkan lahir di kota atau daerah wisata seperti Lombok, kamu akan merasa sangat bangga. Apalagi, kalau kamu kuliah di kota lain, seperti Jakarta, kamu bisa bercerita dengan semua orang bahwa kota kelahiran kamu sangat indah. Kamu bisa mengundang teman-teman kamu ke sana.

Kedua, akan banyak sekali potensi bisnis yang bisa kamu geluti atau ambil nanti. Kamu bisa menjadi pemroduksi atau retailer souvenir. Kamu bisa membuka restoran yang menawarkan makanan khas Lombok. kamu bisa membuka usaha homestay atau hotel (ini bukan hanya milik orang yang punya modal besar asal kamu punya tekat dan keinginan yang kuat), dll.

Ketiga, lowongan pekerjaan pun akan terbuka lebar. Keempat, kamu tentunya bisa menikmati keindahan alam tanpa harus mengeluarkan dana banyak. Ya, karena kamu bisa menikmatinya di kota kamu sendiri. Selain itu, karena kondisi yang nyaman dan indah, kamu akan terhindar dari stress.


Mau Liburan bersama Keluarga Jadi Menyenangkan?

Posted on 22nd September 2013 in Liburan

Setelah sebelumnya kita bahas tentang bangun-bangun hotel, sekarang bahas yang agak ringan dikit. Apalagi topiknya kalau bukan LIBURAN!! Hehehe


Apakah kamu berencana ingin pergi liburan bersama keluarga di akhir tahun nanti? Jika iya, kamu harus merencanakannya dengan baik, apalagi jika kamu ingin mengajak lebih dari 5 orang anggota keluarga. Apa sajakah yang sebaiknya kamu lakukan agar liburan bersama keluargamu jadi menyenangkan? Sebenarnya ada banyak cara yang bisa kamu lakukan, dua di antaranya adalah:

liburan 1Pesanlah hotel jauh-jauh hari. Akhir tahun termasuk musim liburan. Hal ini tentu membuat hotel-hotel akan dipenuhi oleh banyak para wisatawan. Untuk menghindari kegagalan dalam mendapatkan hotel, pesanlah hotel jauh-jauh hari, minimum 2 minggu sebelum keberangkatan. Jika kamu ingin liburan ke Lampung, pastikan untuk memilih hotel Lampung yang tepat, seperti Novotel, Sheraton Hotel, Grand Elty Krakatoa, dan lain sebagainya.

Kalau mau liburan yang agak jauhan dikit dan banyak turis asingnya, tapi bukan ke pantai, kamu bisa mempertimbangkan Ubud.

Sewa mobil yang cukup gede. Berhubung kamu akan membawa keluarga yang banyak, ada baiknya untuk menyewa mobil. Pilihlah mobil dengan kapasitas cukup gede yang mampu menampung seluruh anggota keluargamu. Beberapa rekomendasi mobil yang kamu sewa adalah APV, Xenia, dan mini bus.

Semoga liburan bersama keluargamu nantinya menyenangkan. :)

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Mengapa Ingin Bangun Hotel di Lampung?

Posted on 17th September 2013 in Hotel, Lampung

hotel lampungLampung adalah tempat lahirku, tempat tinggalku, dan tempat yang memberikan aku kebahagiaan. Di sisi lain, Lampung juga memberikan inspirasi dalam kehidupanku. Btw, apa insipirasinya? Iya, Lampung memberikan inspirasi untuk membangun sebuah hotel. Mengapa ingin bangun hotel di Lampung?

Memiliki prospek yang menjanjikan. Pada kenyataannya, Lampung memiliki tempat wisata yang indah dan menarik untuk dikunjungi. Hal itu yang membuat banyak orang tertarik untuk datang dan berlibur ke Lampung. Nah, bukan tidak mungkin pengunjung tersebut memerlukan sebuah hotel untuk tempat penginapan sementara, bukan?

Memberikan lapangan pekerjaan. Aku berharap, pendidikan yang aku miliki bisa bermanfaat untuk orang banyak yakni dengan membangun sebuah hotel yang bisa menyerap tenaga kerja dan memberikan kehidupan yang layak bagi mereka. Paling tidak, bisnis yang akan aku jalankan bisa mengurangi sedikit dari angka pengangguran.

Memajukan Lampung. Paling tidak, hotel yang akan aku bangun bisa memberikan manfaat pula bagi kemajuan kotaku yakni dengan menambah pundi-pundi pendapatan daerah Lampung dari bisnisku.

Nah, itulah alasan mengapa aku ingin bangun hotel di Lampung.

Jadi Wanita Idola

Posted on 14th September 2013 in Kehidupan, Wanita Idola

idolaKamu iri dengan teman atau saingan kamu yang jadi wanita idola di kampus atau di area pergaulan kamu? Jadi seperti dia donk. Ini tips jadi wanita idola.

Pertama, sempurnakan penampilan kamu. Ya, pria akan selalu suka wanita cantik. So, mulai sekarang, mulai rajin pergi ke salon, miliki wajah mulus tanpa jerawat dan kulit halus dan lembab.

Kedua, perlihatkan kelebihan kamu. Kamu mungkin tidak tinggi, tapi kalau kamu seksi mengapa kamu tidak memperlihatkannya? Itu kelebihan loh. Tidak semua orang dikasih Tuhan tubuh seksi. Bukan buka-bukaan sih, tapu cukup buat para pria atau teman laki-laki di kampusmu sadar kalau kamu ternyata seksi.

Ketiga, miliki inner beauty. Percuma wajah cantik atau tubuh seksi kalau kamu tidak punya sikap manis. Ubahlah sikap judes kamu kalau mau jadi wanita idola. Inner beauty masih jadi nomor satu. Keempat, milik prinsip. Lelaki suka wanita yang punya prinsip. Hal itu akan membuat wanita itu khas dan juga nampak berani.

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